Ghost caught on camera in room 204

17 Hundred 90 Restaurant and Inn has great food, a great bar, great people -- and they've got great ghosts! Check out this Ghost caught on camera in room 204!

Check out this ghost caught on camera in room 204 in one of Savannah’s most famous restaurants!

17 Hundred 90 Restaurant and Inn is known for their award winning food, amazing bar, quaint rooms, friendly people and very active ghosts!

We visited 17 Hundred 90 and enjoyed their great food and hospitality, but what we didn’t plan for is to actually interact with the spirits that roam their establishment.

There are at least three ghosts which are believed to inhabit the inn.  Anna is the most well-known.  Guests staying in room 204 frequently report strange happenings such as jewelry or clothing being mysteriously moved from one place to the other.  Some have experienced being nudged or having bed covers moved.  She always seems to be a friendly spirit yet always wanting to make her presence known.  According to folklore, Anna was a bride of an arranged marriage who fell in love with a sailor in the early 1800’s.  She is said to have thrown herself to her own death from a third floor window onto the brick courtyard below, just as the sails of his ship left her sight and headed down the Savannah river to the sea. Some suggest that she was pushed from the window by her angry husband-to-be who had paid for her passage to Savannah.

A boy named Thaddeus is sometimes seen on the ground floor of the restaurant and tavern.  Thaddeus leaves shiny pennies lying on the tables, bar and the desk.  He too is a friendly spirit who is sometimes experienced as a warm unexplainable presence.

Of a less friendly nature is a spirit that sometimes roams the kitchen area of the inn.  The clinking sound of metal bracelets is often followed by pots and pans being tossed about or spice jars being thrown at unsuspecting kitchen workers.

Visit 17 Hundred 90 and indulge in their amazing food or stay the night in room 204 and see for yourself!

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