“Breadfoot” performs, “Seven Dollar Suit” in Washington Square

The artist known as "Breadfoot" passed through Savannah Georgia this week and performed some of his "original tin pan folk" music for us with an exclusive release of "Seven Dollar Suit" in Washington Square. Check it OUT!

The Square Sessions are meant to capture the essence of artists and their music in Savannah’s beautiful squares. In Washington Square we captured a moment with “Breadfoot” as he performed this exclusive song, “Seven Dollar Suit.”

Meet the Breadfoot

So, who is “Breadfoot” one might ask?

“Breadfoot” aka (Stephan Meyers) is what is called an “original tin pan folk” artist who doesn’t just focus on one creative outlet, but many. Mostly, though, he is known as a folk and Americana musician from North Carolina. Much like Pepper to Salt, his original music and lyrics are coupled beautifully with his playful performance. Almost like, a character from a children’s book, he sings, shouts, and dances about in a very big way. Don’t let him fool you, though, he can play your heart-strings just about as good as he plays his steel guitar producing some amazing and moving tunes that will bring a smile to everyone. “Breadfoot” has a way about him that reminds me of a Dr. Seuss character that walked into the pages of some Appalachian children’s school books. He has a way of blurring the lines of age, skin and gender — so much to the point where we forget our physical traits and merely become people — and not just people. But happy people, smiling in a “Sunnyland.”

See more of “Breadfoot” by clicking >> HERE << and if you are interested in his music and art, give him a hollar. I’m sure he’d be glad to answer that tin can and say “hello.”