Finding that Perfect Christmas Tree in Savannah

Christmas Tree Farms in Savannah

Looking for that perfect Christmas Tree in Savannah?!

With Thanksgiving over and leftovers dwindling, Christmas is already in the air (at least certainly in the air-waves!). Bing Crosby and Buddy Holly tunes aside, the true symbol of holiday season preparation has always been tall, green, and pine-scented: the family Christmas Tree! And what better way for a family to begin their Christmas countdown than by picking out and cutting down their own tree at a local Christmas Tree farm!

This time of year is one of annual trips, seasonal sweaters, and many other unique family traditions (the baking has commenced at my parents house!).Yet few customs fit the season better and bring a family closer than bundling up the little ones and setting off through rows of lush and fragrant pines in search of the perfect fit for your family. Once the tree has been selected you can have it cut down by an employee OR you can opt to saw it down yourself, saws provided of course (kids tend to opt for the DIY option!)

Many people aren’t aware of the plethora of Christmas tree sources in southeast Georgia. The famed “land of the pine” is home to countless tree farms across the state, with five farms located within fifty miles of Savannah. While the farms may vary in size and selection of tree types (about a dozen different kinds of pine, fir, cedar, and cypress to choose from), all five of the farms nearby are family-run operations with great service and great pricing that will leave you wondering why you hadn’t started this tradition sooner!

To make it easy, below is a list of the five Christmas tree farms in the region along with a link to their website or phone number and an approximate mileage distance from Savannah. Check out which one works best for you based on their location, tree selection, and hours of availability. Now go find your family’s perfect tree! It’s waiting for you!


Truitt’s Christmas Tree Farm (Guyton) 15.5 miles

Brewer Christmas Tree Farm (Midway) 21 miles (912) 884-5292

Webster’s Christmas Tree Farm (Darien) 39 miles

A&A Christmas Tree Farm (Okatee) 32 miles

Growing Traditions Christmas Tree Farm (Sylvania) 48 miles (912) 857-9324