Can YOU Escape the Rooms at Encryption?!

If you want to be transported to a new place and time, leave the stresses of the real world behind, and be totally immersed and engaged in a new experience, then Encryption is the right activity for you!

What’s a Live-Action Escape Adventure Game?

From corporate team building to your own team of friends, Encryption Escape and Adventure is a family-friendly entertainment experience where players are challenged to solve a mission within 60 minutes using only their wits. Mimicking the world of video games, players enter a high production value, themed adventure room and while immersed in this new setting, they locate clues, crack codes, and solve puzzles in order to accomplish their assigned mission. An escapade sure to delight and amuse, players mental skills are put to the test by this intellectually stimulating activity and depending on how well they perform, players can even be offered help in the form of clues. Although missions vary, the end goal is always the same, players have just one hour to beat the clock! As players work to solve the mystery with their teammates, some of whom may be strangers, hilarity ensues! Looking for an exciting way to begin or end your day? Encryption is an innovative and highly entertaining experience not to be missed!

Ready for a challenge? Game on! Or should we say countdown clock on? Whether you are a live-action adventure game fanatic or a video game connoisseur looking to get unplugged for a night, a myriad of complex puzzles, hidden clues, and secret codes are awaiting your expertise. Want to have fun while navigating and solving a mission? Even hardcore game experts will feel a rush as they push their mental skills to their limits. Who knows maybe you’ll even go for a record and see yourself immortalized as one of our fastest times.

In summary, who should play? Anyone wanting to have a good time!

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