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Events for September 20, 2018

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#art912 A Sense of Home- Boxed in/Break Out

Telfair Museums is pleased to announce that Ron Longsdorf has been selected to create a site-specific installation in the Jepson Center’s Barnard Street windows for the 2018 itera¬tion of Boxed In/Break Out.

12:00 AM

Bonaventure: A Historic Cemetery in Art

Steeped in art and history, Bonaventure Cemetery is one of Savannah’s most scenic locales, attracting visitors since the early 19th century.

12:00 AM

Savannah Families Abroad: The Consumption of Culture in the 19th Century

In the 19th century, wealthy Americans enjoyed extensive explorations of Europe, many traveling to the continent multiple times in their lives.

12:00 AM

Susan G. Komen Coastal Georgia Big Wig Fundraiser

With your help, we’re having a real impact against breast cancer.

12:00 AM

Susan G. Komen Coastal Georgia BigWig Campaign

With your help, we’re having a real impact against breast cancer.

12:00 AM

Telfair Academy Guild Meeting and Member Appreciation Luncheon

WHAT: Telfair Academy Guild TAG Meeting/Lecture, “Bonaventure: A 19th Century Cemetery in History, Art and Iconography,” followed by Member Appreciation Luncheon WHEN: October 8, 10:30 AM, (No coffee reception) WHERE: Jepson Center, Neises Auditorium WHAT ELSE: Harry DeLorme, Senior Curator of Education and curator of the recent exhibition of "Bonaventure: A Historic Cemetery in Art,” will discuss the fascinating history and art of Savannah’s Bonaventure Cemetery.

12:00 AM

Independent Artist Wanted

Looking for independent artist trying to get heard.

8:00 AM

Monthly Satsang

Join us for a monthly gathering to discuss and reflect on the ethical principles of yoga.

7:15 PM - 8:30 PM