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Events for October 29, 2019

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“Summon the Sea! Contemporary Artists and Moby Dick” Exhibition

Summon the Sea! Contemporary Artists and Moby Dick examines the work of six contemporary artists—Corey Arnold, Guy Ben-Ner, Patty Chang, Tristin Lowe, Allan Sekula, and Frank Stella—who act as epic storytellers as they respond to, challenge, and celebrate the allegories presented in Melville’s literary classic through large-scale sculpture, photography, prints, and video made since 1985.

12:00 AM

Blanket & Coat Drive

Hearts of Compassion Homeless Ministry Trinity Lutheran Church Join us during the months of September, October and November for a city-wide blanket and coat drive.

12:00 AM

Strength Training at Any Age - 2019 Encourage Health Education Lecture

The 2019 season of the Enmarket Encourage Health Educational Series will wrap up on Tuesday, Oct.

11:30 AM - 1:00 PM

Monthly GratiTuesday

Gratitude! What is it good for? Our general well-being! Studies now show that the practice of gratitude actually enhances our immune systems.

12:15 PM - 1:30 PM