Fia Rua Big Game Challenge

Brian attempts to do what no man has been able to do, which is beat the big game burger challenge at Fia Rua.

Many have tried and many have failed but Brian Byers….

also failed.

He came to the Fia Rura Irish Pub, located in Richmond Hill and owned by Dave Goodell, ready to take down the Goliath known as the 3 pound Big Game triple stack burger. Jam packed with venison, bison, wild boar, tomatoes, lettuce, cheese, and topped with bread bowl style buns; the big game challenge is a challenge indeed. The talented chef, known as Chef Joe, did a fantastic job of making the impossibly huge burger look, smell, and taste very delectable.

Before taking on the challenge the owner Dave explained the rules to Bryan which were: you have 30 minutes to finish the whole burger along with a side of fries and slaw. Those who are able to finish the burger and sides are gifted with a free shirt, name on the wall, and the meal is FREE.

Bryan saw the challenge, heard the rules, and with the support of his crew and the pub’s staff, went in hands/face first to take down the burger. He started off with a precise strategy which was start with the meat then worry about the rest of the food later. As time went by and the red meat packed down his digestive system, he soon realized that he had bit off more than he could chew.

With ¾ of a boar patty, fries, 1 ½ buns, slaw, and a little over 5 minutes left in the challenge Bryan decided to throw in the towel and call it quits. A close match but in the end the burger prevailed yet again.

Many have tried and all have failed,

but if you think you are the exception then stop by the Fia Rua Irish Pub today and show them what you got!

– Darrow Fraser