Have you ever had Nitrogen Ice Cream?!

If you've never had flash froze Nitrogen Ice Cream, then you need to head down to Freez N on Broughton Street in downtown Savannah and order up your favorite flavor!

Ice cream comes in many forms, from soft serve to rolled, but have you ever tried flash frozen Nitrogen Ice Cream?!

Located at 225 W Broughton Street in downtown Savannah, there is a place called Freez N. The name says it all — They actually FREEZE fresh cream and ingredients to create the most creamy and delicious Ice Cream and it’s all made to order. There are hundreds of combinations to the flavors you can get, and they make sure you are 100% satisfied with each fresh cup of Ice Cream they create for you.

They offer several other high quality products, like Frozen Yogurt and Bubble Tea, for example. But I think my personal favorite was the peanut butter and chocolate fudge flash frozen Nitrogen Ice Cream! It’s one of those things that is more than just a treat, it’s an experience!

So, the next time you’re downtown and wanting a unique and innovative after dinner desert, why don’t you stop by Freez N and order your OWN favorite Nitrogen Ice Cream flavor!

Every spoonful is fresh, creamy and delicious!

Let Freez N make Ice Cream for You!

Visit Freez N >>>CLICK HERE<<<