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8 Haunted Places in Savannah that you might NOT know about

Most know that Savannah Georgia is one of the most Haunted cities in the United States, but what you might not know is that these 8 Haunted Places in Savannah will give you goosebumps!

We’ve all heard about the Olde Pink House being haunted and that there are ghosts rumored to hang out at the Pirates House­. Many of us even know a story or two about historic Bonaventure Cemetery and the Tybee Island Lighthouse.

But how many of you know about these 8 lesser known places in Savannah rumored to be haunted? Some of them might surprise you! This list not only gives you insight into the ghost story behind each haunting, but also the property address so you can walk by and see if you feel the presence of an unsettled spirit!

Ghosts at 17 Hundred 90
Is 17 Hundred 90 Haunted?

Is 17 Hundred 90 really Haunted?!

There are at least three ghosts which are believed to inhabit the 17 Hundred 90 Inn. Guests staying in room 204 frequently report strange happenings such as jewelry or clothing being mysteriously moved from one place to the other. Some have experienced being nudged or having the bed covers removed. According to folklore, a young woman named Anna Powers since the 1800s when she was abandoned by the man she loved. Anna took her life by jumping out of an upstairs window from room 204. Some people claim that Anna may have been pushed out of the window by one of her husband’s mistresses instead.
Location: 307 East President Street

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Ghosts at the Hampton Lilibridge House
Is the Hampton Lilibridge House Haunted?

Is the Hampton-Lillibridge House really Haunted?!

The Hampton-Lillibridge House is a beautiful piece of Savannah history with somewhat of a checkered past. According to local legend, this place used to be teeming with activity such as doors closing on their own, voices coming from the stairs and one of an innocent party guest being drug across the floor in a room upstairs. The house became so active that they called in Bishop Stewart who performed an exorcism in the house in 1963 to attempt to remove any of the evil spirits. Some suggest the activity to be from a depressed sailor who allegedly hung himself in one of the rooms upstairs others say they are demonic spirits waiting for the next owners of the house to move in. Even after, there have been a few reports, but not many including apparitions appearing in the second floor window. Today this house is for sale. Any takers?
Location: 507 E Julian Street

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Ghosts at the Kehoe House
Is the Kehoe House Haunted?

Is the Kehoe House really Haunted?!

The Kehoe House Bed & Breakfast is truly a remarkable building and makes for a breathtaking stay in Savannah. Though its great for weddings or for just a relaxing get away, the Kehoe House has a sad story that leaves it feeling heavy at times. William Kehoe and his wife Annie, the prior homeowners, lost their twin children while the kids were playing in an off-limits area (the chimney). Staff and guests have reported many unexplainable occurrences over the years. From doors moving to the sound of tiny feet running and giggling it definitely is high up on our list of Haunted places here in Savannah. If you are curious about which rooms to stay in, we recommend rooms 201 and 203.
Location: 123 Habersham Street, Columbia Square

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Is the Shrimp Factory Haunted?

Is the Shrimp Factory really Haunted?!

Looking for great seafood on River Street, then the Shrimp Factory will NOT let you down! Like their name says, they boast amazing shrimp — however if you ask anyone that works there, they’ve got something that is NOT on the menu. Theyve got ghosts! Originally opened in July of 1977, Janie Harris (the then owner) was sure that the building was haunted by at least one ghost if not more! Some of the activity included moving cold spots, and sounds of people in their upstairs storage room — even the customers can hear people walking around and things being moved. Another story is that of a 55 year old man, Joe, who dropped dead of unknown causes one afternoon while climbing the stairs to the storage room. Some believe the ghosts scared him to death.
Location: 313 E River Street

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Ghosts at the Mercer House
Is the Mercer House Haunted?

Is the Mercer House really Haunted?!

We’ve all at least heard of Midnight in the Garden of Good and Evil if not have both read the book and seen the movie (Kevin Spacey & John Cusack) — well, THIS is the place! Let me just say that this place has so much activity that youll have to go by and experience it for yourself. If you don’t already know the story, Jim Williams bought the house to restore it. Later he was held on trial for “accidentally” fatally shooting his “assistant, Danny Hansford. Jim Williams mysteriously died two weeks before one of his renowned Christmas parties in 1982. They believe both spirits haunt this house. Sometimes mysteriously appearing to guests as apparitions and other times breaking items and moving things in the house. Ive heard someone say that they believed the spirits to be quarreling with one another.
Location: 429 Bull Street, Monterey Square

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Ghosts at the Moon River Brewing Company
Is the Moon River Brewing Company really Haunted?!

Is the Moon River Brewing Company really Haunted?!

The Moon River Brewing Company on Bay street is a great place to grab a beer and relax with friends but it too, holds an interesting history. It literally was the first hotel in Savannah, Georgia prior to being a great place for Happy Hour. Patrons as well as staff say that ghosts have been known to walk around upstairs and make their presence known by touching people while they try to enjoy a cold one. The history goes, that there was a long-running verbal feud between Dr. Phillip Minis and James Jones Stark which resulted in Minis fatally shooting Stark in his quarters upstairs. Cue SyFy’s Ghost Hunters and Travel Channel’s Ghost Adventures! Both shows found not only that there were ghosts upstairs and on the main floor, but also that the basement is believe to be haunted!
Location: 21 W. Bay Street

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Ghosts at the Sorrel Weed House
Is the Sorrel Weed House really Haunted?!

Is the Sorrel Weed House really Haunted?!

The Sorrel Weed House is one of the most charming houses in Savannah. It is, however also known as the most Haunted place in Savannah as well as made the top 5 Haunted Places list in the United States! What happened to make this beautiful home one of the scariest places on earth? The legend goes that Francis Sorrel fell in love with a beautiful woman named Lucinda which he married. After 5 years, she sadly passed away from an illness. Francis was broken hearted but not for long, as next in line to be married was Lucinda’s sister, Matilda. Francis and Matilda were married but she too was taken with an illness and died shortly after. Some say she caught him cheating with a servant girl, others say that it was a hoodoo curse that killed both women. It may be one, it could be the other — or maybe it was BOTH!!!
Location: 6 W Harris Street, Madison Square

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Ghosts at Molly MacPherson's
Is Molly MacPherson's really Haunted?!

Is Molly MacPherson's really Haunted?!

Downtown in City Market, theres a great little Scottish pub called Molly MacPherson’s. This is probably one of the best places to grab a belt of whiskey or enjoy a good meal with friends, however the history behind this pub is both fascinating and chilling! A ghost named Charlie is known to have hung himself upstairs because his fiance left him. This isnt where the story ends at all — as a matter of fact, Savannah Weekend spent the night investigating and found evidience of a history to back up the ghost story as well as possible evidence of a ghost caught on tape!
Location: 311 W. Congress Street

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Part 3: The Ghost Caught on Video <<< COMING SOON

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