Sundaes Aren’t Just for Sundays! It’s National Hot Fudge Sundae Day!

Ice Cream eating contest between two adorable girls without spoons at Ben & Jerry's in Downtown Savannah!

Who doesn’t like Ice Cream?

With today being National Hot Fudge Sundae Day, we decided to celebrate it to it’s fullest by hosting an Ice Cream eating contest at our local Ben & Jerry’s in downtown Savannah.

We were joined by Abby (9) and Nora (7) who were more than gracious to accept our offer of free Hot Fudge Sundaes and the chance to battle it out to the end in an Ice Cream eating contest! I’ve seen it many times at fairs and on TV, but I don’t think I’ve ever been given the chance, personally, to accept such an offer.

As for these two brave warriors, they took the challenge with fervor and dignity. Wait, did I say “dignity?” I don’t think either one of them were prepared for me to disarm them by taking away their only tools of attack — their spoons! Honestly, their faces were priceless — and more importantly, by the end of this frozen flanking, their faces were covered in the aftermath of chocolate chaos and whipped war.

Both gladiators went in with all their might, but alas, there could only be one winner– but if you ask me, they both in some way, came out victors.

Today, I encourage you to swing by your local Ben & Jerry’s and dive into one of their Hot Fudge Sundae’s, with or without a weapon!

Happy Hot Fudge Sundae Day!!!