Interview with the Maggie Valley Band in downtown Savannah!

We had the chance to sit with the Maggie Valley Band from North Carolina in Crawford Square. They passed through Savannah playing at the Savannah Stopover and shared a little bit about themselves, their music and their story. Check it out!

Hardest Thing - The Maggie Valley Band
Hardest Thing – The Maggie Valley Band

These two sisters from the Appalachian mountains of North Carolina bring a hauntingly beautiful sound through painful lyrics of heartache and love — they are The Maggie Valley Band.

Whitney and Caroline have been playing together for years. With flecks of bluegrass and folk woven into their tapestry The Maggie Valley Band has shown the South a glimpse of how mountain music can evolve and remain current even in today’s trendy music scene.

At first, you hear the echo of very familiar and present vocals that are as unique as Whitney, herself. The music then swells beneath the heavy lyrics like a very cold and thick river pushing it’s way down the side of one of the Smokey Mountains. The harmony that Caroline adds with her sister’s voice remind me of two young girls holding hands while running through a field of wild flowers. Beneath that sound and visual are banjos, fiddles, steel guitars and authoharps that remind you, this is not a new style, but an innovative blend of today and yesterday.

Each song on their album, The Hardest Thing, take you deeper and deeper into the cool forest of trees where you hope to be led to a cabin, cold beer, and a warm fire-pit.

It is hard to describe in full, the beauty and magic behind the music that The Maggie Valley Band stirs in each of our hearts, and maybe some things just don’t need to be described, but instead shared.

Check out the video with The Maggie Valley Band that we shot in Crawford Square in downtown Savannah, below and listen for yourself.

AND if you fall in love with them, you can download their album by clicking HERE <<<

The Maggie Valley Band performs their song, “Bring Us Back” in Crawford Square