The TRUE story behind Molly MacPherson’s!

If you've been downtown, then you've probably stopped in at Molly MacPherson's for their great food or a drink, but did you know that Molly MacPherson was actually a real person?!

If you live in Savannah, then you probably have been downtown to Molly MacPherson’s and had a drink with friends or enjoyed one of their many Scottish dishes; but what most people don’t know about this amazing pub and restaurant is that, Molly in fact, is a real person!

Molly MacPherson actually led a wayward life in Scotland back in the mid 1800s. She fell in love and got married at an early age. Soon after they had a beautiful baby girl, named Bernice. Molly loved to cook and had hopes of being able to cook for a large family, however, her husband was tragically killed leaving her alone to raise her only child.

In the 1890’s, she decided to take her daughter and travel westward to start a new life in Nova Scotia, where Molly opened up a pub. Bernice grew up learning the ways of business, hospitality and the Scottish recipes her mother had taught her and when she was old enough, moved to the United States where she continued her family’s tradition in New England and passed on her traditional Scottish heritage and recipes to her grandchildren.

Debbie (Bernices grandaughter) and Daniel, her husband, decided to open their own pub in tribute to Molly, Bernice and the Scottish culture.

Today, Molly MacPherson’s is a name that anyone that has visited Savannah knows very well. With over 200 brands of whiskey and their delicious Scottish food and atmosphere they are revered as an integral part of the history of what makes the city of Savannah so special.

Sláinte! (good health)