Georgia’s Most watched Netflix and Hulu shows!

Streaming has become one of the most used ways to watch movies and television in this era of entertainment.
People of all ages hop on their closest electronic device to stream things they enjoy from their apps of choice. Two of the leading streaming apps, Netflix and Hulu, have become even more prevalent with their high volume of original content that they've been premiering lately.

Using comprehensive analysis and google trends and have found out each state’s most streamed show on Netflix and Hulu.

Netflix and Hulu top show
Netflix and Hulu top show

When you think about Hulu you probably think about all your favorite shows, that you stream after they have aired, on television but what about Hulu’s original content? According to Georgia’s most streamed original Hulu show is Hotwives.

Hotwives is somewhat of a parody show that humorously impersonates the many house/basketball/hip-hop/mob wives of (insert state here) shows that we have on television today. If you’ve yet to watch this show it is definitely something to watch when you need a quick laugh after a long day.

Netflix and Hulu top show
Netflix and Hulu top show

Netflix, which is usually synonymously known with the word “streaming” has made it their mission to put out original and entertaining content for their subscribers. Lately they’ve been doing just that by consistently adding new original content or new seasons to the original content they already have. According to, Georgia’s most streamed show in 2018 was Luke Cage.

For those who are unaware, Luke Cage is a Marvel show about a unlikely hero from the south who gets his powers through a science experiment that is done on him while he is imprisoned. He escapes said prison and finds his way to New York where he becomes Harlem’s “hero for hire.” Not to give any spoilers, but this show is definitely bullet proof as far as marvel’s Netflix content is concerned and will definitely keep you and yours entertained.

With spin offs like The Defenders, which includes other Netflix original Marvel characters like the Iron Fist, Daredevil, and Jessica Jones, this show is definitely a binge worthy show that will keep you occupied for a while.

So whether you want a quick laugh or to engage in some action packed super hero binge watching, Hulu and Netflix have just the shows for you!!
- Darrow Fraser