Cup to Cup presents their Nitro Tonic Coffee collection!

Cup to Cup - Nitro Tonic Coffee

It’s been a really hot summer and I think it’s time we all go out and get a cup of coffee. What do you think? No? Oh, because it’s too hot for coffee?

Let me tell you this, Cup to Cup coffee roasters has a cold refreshing collection of seltzer coffees called Nitro Tonics and they are seriously amazing!

Located in downtown Savannah, Cup to Cup has been roasting coffee for over 10 years and has had their perfect Cup to Cup cafe on Abercorn street for 3 years. Sitting in the cafe, you are surrounded by the flavour and beauty of Savannah brick and coffee. In the back room there is a gallery for artists to display their work with each month offering a new artist.

But lets talk about their Summer menu and their Nitro Tonic Coffee drinks. It’s something I’ve heard about from a few friends but nothing that has been on my radar to actually try. If it weren’t for the suggestion of Keith (barista at Cup to Cup) I’m not sure if I would have been daring enough to have tried one of these amazing coffee drinks, especially with the sun being 101 that particular day.

But Keith suggested it and I tried it. And you know what? It was extraordinary! Bubbly, cool, refreshing, tart and java-ee and the experience was really fun and delicious! Would I try it again? Absolutely, but next time I think I will go for the Mocha Nitro Tonic.

I dare you to give one a try yourself. Enjoy!

Check out their facebook page HERE <<<