Creepy photos reveal the truth behind THIS ‘Haunted Bar!’

Creepy photos reveal the secret behind the Ghost that Haunts this popular Savannah Bar!

Part I - Prankster Ghost in Savannah
Click the image above to watch Part I of this bone chilling ghost story!

Creepy photos reveal the secret behind the Ghost that haunts this popular Savannah Bar. If you haven’t seen Part I of this series, click above to get the story of the ghost that haunts this building.

There is a prankster Ghost in Savannah and you can go check it out for yourself!

You heard that right, a “Prankster Ghost” may reside at Molly MacPherson’s located in downtown Savannah’s City Market.

Many people have experienced paranormal goings on at this popular Scottish pub and grill. From objects moving on their own to actually seeing the apparition itself in the window!

Many people have experienced paranormal activity at this popular Scottish pub and grill. Some have witnessed objects moving on their own, and others have reported seeing the prankster apparition in the window!

In part two of this three-part series, you’ll see creepy photos from the Georgia Historic Society that corroborate the chilling truth surrounding the ghost stories that have been circulating the popular downtown grill and pub, Molly MacPherson’s. Sometimes history is stranger than fiction, and especially in this case.

A Brief History of Molly MacPherson’s

Several generations ago, Molly MacPherson, led a wayward life in Scotland. She married young; however, her husband was tragically killed, and she was left alone to raise her only child Bernice. The two traveled west in the late 1890s to start a new life in Nova Scotia where Molly opened a pub.

Bernice (a. k. a. Bunny), later moved to New England where she proudly passed down traditional Scottish recipes belonging to her family. Later, Bunny’s family continued this Scottish legacy, opening the Savannah Pub of Molly’s namesake. You’ll definitely gain an appreciation for Scotland while you visit Molly MacPherson’s in downtown Savannah, Georgia.

Check out the video-link below to see Molly herself making a favorite traditional Scottish family recipe that you can still order at Molly MacPherson’s!

Molly MacPhersons
A History of Molly MacPhersons