Prankster Ghost in Savannah!

Did you know that there was a prankster ghost in Savannah? Strange things have been happening at Molly MacPherson's in City Market! Find out what paranormal things are happening at this hoppin Bar & Grill!

There is a prankster Ghost in Savannah and you can go check it out for yourself!

You heard that right, a “Prankster Ghost”  may be residing at Molly MacPherson’s located in downtown, City Market in Savannah!

Many people have experienced paranormal goings on at this popular Scottish pub and grill. From objects moving on their own to actually seeing the apparition itself in the window!

In this Part 1 of 3, you’ll get to hear from real people talking about their experiences in this rustic dive and they get to learn a bit more than they had expected themselves! These stories are chilling and in Part 2, you’ll get to see their reactions when we bring some historic accuracy to this story, making it all the more mind blowing!

A Brief History of Molly MacPherson’s
Several generations ago, Molly MacPherson, led a wayward life in Scotland. She married young; however, her husband was tragically killed and she was left alone to raise her only child–Bernice. They traveled west in the late 1890’s to start a new life in Nova Scotia where Molly opened a pub.

Part II – In this second part to the story, creepy photos reveal a secret that actually supports the ghost stories being told! Click below to see for yourself!!!

Part II - Prankster Ghost in Savannah
Click the image above to watch Part II of this bone chilling ghost story!

Bernice (a. k. a. Bunny), proud of her Scottish history, continued her family’s tradition in New England and passed down traditional Scottish recipes to her family. Proud of their Scottish heritage they decided to open their own pub in tribute to Molly, Bernice and the Scottish culture. You’ll definitely gain an appreciation for Scotland while you visit Molly MacPherson’s in downtown Savannah, Georgia.

Check out the video-link below to see Molly herself making a long time favorite dish that you can still order at Molly MacPherson’s!

Molly MacPhersons
A History of Molly MacPhersons