I can’t get NO ‘Satisfaction’ in Savannah

Remember the day the Rolling Stones came to Savannah? Not many people do, but those of us that DO remember this day back in 1965 also know the lore about whether or not the song "Satisfaction" was actually written here in Savannah.

Have you guys heard the story about when the Rolling Stones came to Savannah back in 1965? Many of us have heard this story and have seen the amazing photos taken by the photographer Bob Bonnis — heck, I’d bet that many of you knew that the Rolling Stones ate at the Harvest House Restaurant owned by Herb Traub (original owner of the Pirates House) as well. The stories may vary but one of my favorites was about how the Rolling Stones presumably wrote the hit song ‘Satisfaction’ while staying at the Manger Towne Country Motor Lodge off of I-17 during their stay here in Savannah.

What I wanted to do was not only find the hotel that they stayed at and find the restaurant that they ate at — but I really wanted to get down to the truth behind how possible it would have been that they could have written that amazing song sitting by a pool, smoking cigarettes and causally being photographed while writing that song here in Savannah, Georgia.

It was May 5th, 1965. The Rolling Stones had been booked to play in Statesboro, and only having 3 albums recorded, weren’t really known yet by the public. Delving into this story, I ended up meeting a lot of really cool people and found a lot of really cool places. But the question that kept bugging me was, did the Rolling Stones write the song ‘Satisfaction’ here in Savannah.

Well, I got my answer —