Globetrotter and Savannah’s own Matthew “Showbiz” Jackson becomes a legend!

Matthew Showbiz Jackson

Born and raised by his grandparents in Savannah Georgia the well-known Harlem Globetrotter, Matthew “Showbiz” Jackson, was honored with the title of “Globetrotter Legend” on January 20th in Atlanta Georgia. He is only the 32nd person to be honored with the Legend title in the team’s 93 years of touring. Honorees are presented with the “Legends” ring that is given to Globetrotters who have made major impacts and contributions throughout their careers. Growing up, Mr. Jackson was an athlete who dabbled in both basketball and football throughout high school.

When it came to college he received acceptance offers from many different schools, but he ultimately decided to stay in Savannah so that he could be close to his grandmother who was ill at the time. Mr. Jackson is mostly known for his entertaining basketball talents like his behind-the-back-half-court hook shot but in college, Savannah State University to be exact, he was known for his outstanding skills in football as a wide receiver.

After college Mr. Jackson joined the United States Air Force where he got back into basketball by joining the Air Force’s basketball team leading them to multiple championships. After serving for the Air force Mr. Jackson was informed about the Globetrotter’s need for new teammates and it just so happened that the coach for the team at the time, Russell Ellington, used to coach at the two schools that Jackson attended prior. It must have been divine intervention because Jackson became a member of the World-Famous Harlem Globetrotters and played with them for 20 years earning nicknames like the “Clown Prince” and “Showbiz”.

After visiting over 100 different countries, playing for 20 seasons as one of the team’s top players, and winning awards like MVP, Jackson retired in 2007. Now living in Atlanta Georgia, Jackson has written an anthology about his struggles in life behind the entertaining person he was on the court. After all those years of playing Jackson stays close to the beloved game of basketball with his foundation called “Kids First Athletics” which has programs like basketball camps for kids and celebrity basketball games for charitable benefits.

Savannah is honored to have been part of Mr. Jackon’s life growing up and look forward to many great behind-the-back half-court shots in the future!


~ by Darrow Fraser