True Story About 9.11 that you May Not Have Heard

This is a true story about one of the many firefighters that lost their lives during the attack on the world trade center during September the 11th.

September the 11th. We all remember that day. What we had for breakfast. What we were planning to eat for lunch. The friends and family we had planned to see later that night.

But none of us expected an attack on the United States to take place.

This is the true story about a firefighter named Stephen Siller who had taken the day off and was planning to play golf that later that day. It’s the story of a man that gave his life that day so that others may live. Stephen’s story touched America because it really is a story about each one of us. What would we have done in his situation? He had choices to make, and without hesitating, he geared up and ran through the tunnel towards disaster. This is the story of a hero.

It’s also the story about what his life has done to help others. The repercussions of his actions have saved the lives of many to this day still. This story is so moving that this year over 2,000 people got together in Savannah and followed in Stephen’s footsteps, literally!

Share this story and next year bring your family to follow Stephen is his ongoing movement to better the lives of our Military, Firefighters, Police, First Responders and the families that support them.

This is a sad story with a powerful and meaningful ending.

May God bless Savannah in remembering Stephen Siller and the many that lost their lives on September 11th.

Stephen Siller’s Story
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