Mysterious map found in a restaurant on River Street!

We all know Vic's on the River is known for their scallops, ambiance and cocktails, but drawn on the wall in the back of this restaurant lies a secret map!

Vic’s on the River restaurant in Savannah, Georgia is located in a converted warehouse that happened to have been used by General Sherman’s officers in early 1865. Not only known for their find dining, cocktails and incredible staff, Vic’s is also known for a special artifact. During renovations, under old paint and wallpaper, there was a discovery — the main dining room wall featured a map drawn on the plaster by the Union officers, recounting significant battles leading up to and during their general’s “March to the Sea” from Tennessee through Georgia. Only the portion of the wall featuring the Chattanooga campaign could be reasonably preserved, and it is protected under a glass frame.

This map is one of 16 pieces, though the only one drawn on the wall of this old building. The other 15 were said to be drawn on canvas and given to General Sherman’s officers.

If you haven’t visited Vic’s on the River, you are missing out! Not only on amazing food but on a piece of Savannah’s history which is incredibly preserved on the wall next to a window overlooking the beautiful Savannah River.