This Haunted House in Savannah IS Truly Terrifying!

Want to know what it's like to walk through and survive the Terror Plantation in Savannah, Georgia?! Watch this video and see for yourself why the Alee Shriners put on the BEST horrifying performance EVER!

This annual Haunted House in Savannah is absolutely terrifying!

Put on every year by the Alee Shriners in Savannah, Georgia, this year’s haunted house has a lot of scare to its tactics! Comprised of volunteers made up of officers, first responders, veterans, friends and family — this creative community spend months devoting their time, skills, and passion for entertaining the surrounding cities that make up the Savannah area every year!

We received your messages wanting to know what the Terror Plantation Haunted House was like this year, so we decided to stir up the cauldron and see what they hype was all about. Brian Byers from Savannah Weekend teamed up with Crystal Howard from WTOC to experience the behind the scenes of the haunted house as well as get the you-know-what scared out of us as well.

First off, the line is long, but it moves quickly. What’s really great is the people in the line. The energy is at an all-time high and it is doubled, toiled, and troubled when the creepy clowns run through the crowd, giving everyone a little taste of what they are about to experience.

We stood in line and watched several groups go into the haunted house. One group went in for a few seconds and actually came running out the door moments later, refusing to go through the haunt. It is said that many groups can’t make it past the first few seconds, so luckily there is a ghoul or goblin that will escort you out if your legs refuse to cooperate with the rest of your body.

The haunt itself is uber creative and from what we understand, ever changing. That’s right, every night they change it up a bit for the people that made it through once and want to come back for seconds. The make-up is fantastic and the scares are unexpected, timely, and ultimately terrifying.

We had so much fun going through it with the camera crew, that we’ve decided to head back again with our friends!

If you’re looking for an adrenaline ride, then the Alee Temple Terror Plantation Haunted House is the perfect recipe for that treat — or trick?!

Scare ya, Later!!!

Terror Plantation
100 Eisenberg Dr, Savannah, GA 31406
(912) 355-2422