It’s a dolphin — It’s a float — No, wait, it’s Savannah’s Burger Boat!

We all like burgers. Some like then on a bun, others on a lettuce wrap -- but have you tried a burger on the water? Make way for The Burger Boat!

I know a lot of things float, but I had no idea that Savannah had a food truck on the river. The Burger Boat, owned and operated by Steve and Margo Martin, is the river ways answer having a drive-through (float-through) burger joint on the water. If you see The Burger Boat coming, you can either steer your vessel up to the window or you can wait at one of the many marinas that The Burger Boat docks at.

The Burger Boat makes one mean burger, but that’s not all they are known for. You can order dogs, pulled pork sliders or try their famous jerk chicken! All in all, The Burger Boat is comparable to the more terrestrial burger places in Savannah, and honestly, after you’ve spent a few hours in the water, seeing them pull into the marina is very much like watching the ice-cream man pull through your neighborhood.

So, the real question is this. When and where can I find The Burger Boat? Thats easy. They post their schedule weekly on their facebook page located right here >>> The Burger Boat!

Enjoy the water this summer and remember to bring cash or card, because The Burger Boat may just be right down the river!