THIS Psychic in Savannah gives a reading in a cemetery!

Have you ever wondered if psychics were real? We met a psychic in the Colonial Cemetery on Abercorn Street and got more than we bargained for. This video is a MUST see!

Savannah is known for it’s beauty and it’s history. Along with both of those usually follows a certain type of energy. We all can feel it and the tours that move along the streets all share unique stories of tragedy and of love. This combination of ingredients is Disneyland for a psychic.

So, what better place to have a reading with a REAL Savannah Psychic, but in a cemetery in the heart of downtown Savannah.

I had the chance to meet up with The Savannah Psychic herself, Christi Powell and we spent some time in the Colonial Cemetery off of Abercorn, talking about Savannah, it’s energy and — well, me.

If you’ve ever wondered what a reading might look like or if you are just curious to see a psychic share her gift and intuition, this is a great example of both a gift and intuition.

Mystery or not, I plan on bringing THIS Savannah Psychic along with me on my next haunted location or even in the tunnels below Savannah itself to see what, if ANYthing she feels utilizing her gift.

Thanks to Blackbeard Vapor for making these great adventures come true!