In Partnership with the Southern Weekend

TIME magazine loves Savannah’s “The Grey”!

The Grey has been racking up accolades almost since the day it opened in 2014. When a sought-after New York sous chef with Georgia roots and a visionary entrepreneur come together,

greatness is destiny.  In August 2018, Time Magazine deemed The Grey to be one of the 50 best places around the globe for eating and drinking, and Savannah Weekend agrees that it offers a

world class dining experience.


Time solicited nominations from a spectrum of people including those in the hospitality industry, journalists, and food and beverage experts.  The news magazine then distilled its list of winners based on their originality, innovation, sustainability, and influence.

Housed in a restored Art Deco-era Greyhound bus station and serving original dishes with historic African and southern roots, the Grey hits all the marks

on Time’s list of criteria.  Despite its lofty credentials, The Grey offers many dishes and dining experiences that makes it accessible to a spectrum of diners.  Enjoy lunch, dinner, or even just a cocktail or two in the diner bar where delicious plates are generally $12 or less.  Seats are first come first serve.  Make reservations in the main dining room for a more complete sit-down meal and grander culinary experience.  The Grey also offers a $30 fixed price

option every Third Sunday of the month and hosts unique events in their outdoor space known simply as The Yard.

The Grey simultaneously exists in the past and on the leading edge of the future.  In that way, the restaurant is a reflection of Savannah itself.  Visit The Grey soon because now it’s in the spotlight of the entire world; a place it rightly deserves.