Time to THAW that Turkey, Folks!!!

Time to Thaw THAT Turkey!!!
Time to Thaw THAT Turkey!!!

For most, one of the longest and most stressful parts of thanksgiving is the cooking and the most tedious part of thanksgiving cooking you ask? You guessed it, the infamous tantalizing turkey. It is that one part of thanksgiving that is enjoyed by many families throughout the country, but also often wrongly cooked by many families. Some families have tasty turkey traditions that have been followed for generations, but for those who don’t or for those who may want to try a new approach here’s a turkey thawing cheat sheet for you.

Since Thanksgiving is next week you might want to go out and buy a turkey as soon as possible, if you haven’t already, because believe it or not they are known to sell out fast this time of year.

The 3 commonly known ways to thaw a turkey are through cold water, a microwave, and the refrigerator. Among these three ways the easiest would have to be refrigerator thawing. Although it is the easiest way it can also be the most time consuming so get ready to plan ahead.

The time to start thawing all depends on the size of the turkey, so keep that in mind when you’re out turkey hunting. For example, turkeys that range from 4-12 pound should start being thawed on Monday (November 19th), 12-16 pound turkeys should start the thawing process Sunday (November 18th), 16-20 pound turkeys should begin thawing Saturday (November 17th), and last but not least the 20-24 pound turkeys should start being thawed no later than this upcoming Friday (November 16th).

Thanksgiving is all about being thankful for things like loved ones, good health, successes in life, and most importantly the food you’ll soon gobble up. Why not add another thing to the list and be thankful for a successfully thawed turkey? Sounds good to me, and if thawed/cooked right, it should taste even better for you and yours.

by Darrow Fraser