100 acres of untouched wildlife at Emergent Structures in Savannah

Emergent Structures sits on 100 acres of some of Savannah's most beautiful marsh land.

Emergent Structures helps to take care of Savannah’s history through salvaging and restoring Savannah’s homes… however they sit on 100 acres of some of Savannah’s most beautiful marsh land.

Who IS Emergent Structures?
Emergent Structures is a 501(c)(3) non-profit organization dedicated changing our society’s perception of waste. We aim to reduce the land-filling of building materials through innovative re-purposing projects. We facilitate collaborations between architects, developers, engineers, contractors, property owners and municipal governments in order to replace short-sighted demolition practices with sustainable deconstruction and re-use strategies. We develop innovative material re-use initiatives that foster community development and highlight the triple bottom line value of material re-purposing.

Through piloting a portfolio of strategies in Savannah, Georgia since 2009, we have developed a comprehensive framework which can be applied by municipalities and large developers, as well as facilitation services which have been designed to successfully apply this framework.

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