The day the Beatles came to Savannah!

Way before cell phones existed and someone could take a photo of every celebrity that came to Savannah, the Beatles actually visited our beautiful city! Check it out!

In 1964, the Beatles were at the top of the charts in the UK and Beatlemania had spread to the US.  They had played shows all over the country from New York City, to Atlanta, to Dallas, to Los Angeles.

By then the Beatles had even taken over the Billboard Hot 100 chart and made history as being the only act to take over the top 5 spots in a single week. With “I Want To Hold Your Hand” being their biggest international hit, they were at the peak of their career.

On an evening in 1964, as the band was making their way to Jacksonville, they had to make an emergency landing at Hunter Army Airfield. With no place to go and a night in Savannah, a cab driver took them to Johnnie Ganem’s.

What happened that night at Ganem’s between the Beatles and a fan was kept a secret until now…