Big Bon Bodega’s wood fired Bagels are Breathtakingly Beautiful!

The Big Bon Family has taken a giant step from their original Big Bon Pizza food-truck. Located at 2011 Bull Street, you can now enjoy an early morning coffee with one of their Mind Blowing wood fired Bagels at Big Bon Bodega!

Big Bon Bodega’s Beautiful Bagels

If you haven’t already had a slice of the wood fired pizza from the Big Bon Pizza food-truck, then you are not only missing out on some great pizza, but you are also a few steps behind one of the greatest additions to the Starland district in Savannah.

Seven weeks ago, the Big Bon Family finally took the leap and opened the doors to their brick and mortar wood-fired bagel shop known as Big Bon Bodega — and if you ask me, I’d say the place is on FIRE! The bagels are delicious, the location is ideal (2011 Bull Street) and the people are fantastic. But there is more to this story, and Kay Heritage, the owner and dreamer behind the Big Bon Family is making sure that Savannah see her vision clearly.

Sure, it’s a bagel place with great bagels, sandwiches and coffee. But it’s more. Much more. What Kay has done is create a place where young adults can work a part-time or full-time job while learning “business and life skills” and at the same time “create memorable experiences around great food.”¬†What does this mean, exactly? It’s simple. Big Bon Bodega is actually a Big Bon University that teaches young adults how to not only take care of themselves in America’s small business world — but how to succeed in life as sharp minded, positive people.

It’s really a big deal. A Big Bon Deal — and the community is embracing it with open arms. When you see places like Perc, Henny Penny and Foxy Loxy (to name a few) open their doors to the public with their great products and experiences — you also see the heart behind the business. The humanitarian love behind the business. It’s becomes less about the product and more about the people. It’s more of a concept of life and living that has now become part of the culture in Savannah’s Starland district.

In short, the Starland and Street Car districts in Savannah are filled with kinetic passion for their craft and want to share it with you, the people that make Savannah, the amazing city that it is.

Don’t be the last to experience the specialness of Kay, her team and obviously, her wood-fired Big Bon Bagels!

Visit the Big Bon Family online HERE <<<