Big Bon And Leopold’s Ice cream Team up!!

pizza and ice cream

Have you ever been eating cold brain freeze worthy ice cream and thought to yourself… “You know what would go perfect with this delicious ice cream right about now? A sizzling hot pizza!” Or have you ever been eating a hot stomach warming pizza and thought “do you know what would be the perfect dessert to eat after this tasty pizza? Some Ice Cream!!”

Well, if either of those thoughts ever crossed your mind then fantasize about it no longer because this Saturday your dreams will come true!

This Saturday, February 9th from 5 – 7:30PM,

Big Bon Pizza and Leopold’s Ice Cream will be teaming up to help raise money for Green Truck Pub farm to help rebuild from the fire. So, bring out your friend’s, family, and anyone else you can think of to Leopold’s OG location on 720 Habersham Street and enjoy some great pizza and/or some delicious ice cream!

– By Darrow Fraser