The secret behind Savannah’s sturdy homes is now endangered!

Ever wanted to know why Savannah homes are so strong or how they've lasted so long in comparison to newer built homes. This secret needs to be shared to help preserve our beautiful city.

There is a lot happening in Savannah these days in way of revitalization, gentrification and historic preservation. One of the companies in the forefront making sure Savannah’s buildings and history are well preserved is Emergent Structures who are located at 2302 Gwinnett St. Savannah, GA.

Operated by Mae Bowley and her team of incredibly passionate preservationers, Emergent Structures is making waves in a city who’s surrounded by a rich history of very old buildings.

Their goal, Mae says is to hire them to demo a building that is beyond repair and repurpose the wood, roof, windows, doors railings and wood to keep it from being dumped into the local land-fill. Beyond that, Emergent Structures is also helping to save buildings that may have at one point been labeled as condemned or un-restorable. They are having success in this area as well which is shining a very bright light into the preservation of such an incredibly beautiful historic city.

When you visit the 100 acre property you are greeted not only by a passionate crew of hard working people wanting to help make Savannah a better place, but you are also surrounded by acres of untouched unscathed landscape filled with birds, alligators, turtles, fish and other wildlife. The land is perfect for hosting events like the Undergo Festival (which Mae tells me will also be this upcoming fall) which is comprised of a day full of local music, local beer (thank you Moonriver Brewery) and local food trucks and artisans all contributing to a day of fun for the entire family.

If you are interested in learning more about how you can get involved with helping to preserve Savannah and it’s historic buildings, just swing by and visit Mae herself. She is definitely there on Saturdays and always looking to teach interested volunteers how to properly deconstruct a historic home as well teach them the secret behind the Longleaf Pine (which is the secret behind the strength of traditional Savannah homes). This pine is endangered and Mae encourages everyone to not only become aware of this, but to visit the Longleaf Alliance <<< non-profit page to learn more about saving this extraordinary and historic tree.

To learn more about Emergent Structures click HERE<<<