Interview with the Underhill Family Orchestra at the Savannah Stopover!

We had the chance to hang with the Underhill Family Orchestra from Alabama. They passed through Savannah playing at the Savannah Stopover and shared a little bit about themselves, their music and their story. Check it out!

It’s rare when you own a CD that is next to perfect. Every track in the right order, every track a favorite song, every track relate-able. What’s even “rarer” is to meet the band behind such a CD and find out that they are as perfect as their music! That sums up The Underhill Family Orchestra in a nutshell — however, I wont just stop with that, because I feel the need to say more.

Hailing from Alabama, these 5 performers are more than just that. They are what I’d consider angels on a journey to fill your soul with laughter, love and hope! The Vocals, The Melodies, The Percussion — and the Joy! They fill the air around you with a genuine sound that wakes the spirit in all of us. Very much like swimming at the lake on a perfect summer day, you don’t want their music to ever be over. Here’s praying for a new album very SOON!

The Underhill Family Orchestra
The Underhill Family Orchestra, native to the Alabama delta, has been described as “outright anthemic” taking their compositions to “idyllic places” that make you want to “paint your face, forget your age, and kiss a stranger.” With “the bare knuckled nature” of their sound and their command of the “intricate, melancholy and densely literate” themes in the songs they create, they invoke a “sense of riot” with their arm-swingin, foot-stomping, Appalachia-inspired sound that makes effort to “infuse sheer pop catchiness into the rootsier, grittier elements” made up of sultry and soulful 4-part vocal arrangements and a unique take on the southern sound for which Alabama is known. Their NEW album, Tell Me That You Love Me, is available for streaming and download on ALL major platforms.

Blood may relate people to each other, but bonds are what make them a family—such is the story of The Underhill Family Orchestra, which encompasses five multi-talented souls who, while not a family in the physical sense, have forged familial bonds in the trenches of life, and have worked passionately to spread a message of love and unity through their infectious blend of Southern progressive pop. “That’s the most important thing to me about our band, our music, and our message, we promote togetherness,” explains vocalist Steven Laney of the group, where everyone writes songs, everyone sings, and instrumental duties are shared. The approach is tribal, the effort is communal; each song bears the imprint of the band’s five members, woven like a tapestry of humanity.

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