It’s Pi Day at Bojangles’!

It's Pi Day at Bojangles'!

National Pi Day is a the celebration of the mathematical constant pi (π) and it falls on March 14th every year.

While pies are notably round, this year Bojangles’ wants you to try three of their rectangular-shaped Sweet Potato Pies for the fitting price of $3.14!

Their Sweet Potato Pie is a unique take on a Southern treat. The oven-baked pastry with a sweet potato puree filling. “These flavors work together in perfect harmony, much like how the digits that make up Pi define the ratio of a circle’s circumference to its diameter. See what we did there?”

Leading up to this fun holiday are themed math questions on Bojangles’ Twitter page. Answer a question correctly and you’ll be entered in drawing for a Bojangles’ gift card!  Bojangles’ is a partner of South Carolina Future Minds so all questions will made by teachers from South Carolina.

Also, be sure to grab the “It’s Raining Pies” Snapchat filter!

“Bojangles’ is all about flavor and fun,” said Randy Poindexter, Senior Vice President of Marketing for Bojangles’. “This promotion is a wonderful opportunity for our brand to have some fun with what has quickly become a popular occasion. Grabbing three of our flavorful sweet potato pies for just three bucks and change on Pi Day is math we can all understand and appreciate!”

So get your pie fix on Pi Day at Bojangles’ for $3.14!