It’s Time You Vinnie Van Go-Go To Vinnie Van Go-Go’s!!

Recently featured in Southern Living’s magazine’s The South’s Best pizza list, Vinnie Van Go-Go’s  has been a part of Savannah’s food culture since 1991! Originally made to be an affordable quality restaurant downtown, Go-Go’s has managed to keep that same spirit today. If you’re not a Savannah native you may have heard of this pizza and calzone selling restaurant in the news last year when one of their employees courageously defended herself against an aggressor who groped her without consent. If that is not enough of a reason to head to this restaurant then their delicious pizza should definitely do the trick for you. Cooked with a thin hearty Neapolitan crust, Vinnie Van Go-Go’s makes sure that their pizza dough is freshly cooked every night.

Vinnie Van Go-Go's

If that isn’t enough to get you into to the doors of this New York styled pizzeria then the fact they deliver free of charge to the downtown area should definitely get you thinking about using that cash that’s in your wallet. Yes, that’s right, cash. In this age of technology its not often you find cash only establishments that won’t budge on the rule at all, but this is definitely one of them. So, head out to Vinnie Van Go-Go’s with cash in hand. Don’t carry cash on you? Fear not, Go-Go’s has an ATM in store that will be more than happy to withdraw your pizza funds for you.

Now that you have all the reasons and all the cash, all you need now is a delicious pizza to wash it all down. So, Go to Vinnie Van Go-Go’s and enjoy some pizza today!

Monday – Thursday: 4:00 PM- 11:30 PM

Friday – Saturday: 12:00 PM – 12:00 AM

Sunday: 12:00 PM – 11:30 PM


– Darrow Fraser