Louisville Quest challenges you to explore the city in a totally fun way

A different spin on a city tour.

Have you ever gone on a trip and felt like you barely had time to experience the city you were in? Well, the folks at our next stop will make sure you learn everything there is to know about Louisville and that you have a bit of fun along the way.

Get introduced to the Belle of Louisville. Normally you would head here for a history lesson and a lovely trip down the Ohio River, but we’re here for the first stop on a citywide scavenger hunt called the Louisville Quest.

Each quest features a little math, some problem solving, and some good old-fashioned creativity to create a full-day history lesson.

It’s a fun competitive way to explore the city, from date nights to family outings, to birthday parties.

So you have history, you have sights. Everything is included in this package. And you can do it all on foot. It’s about a two-mile walk.

Each quest clue is hidden in a landmark or historical center unique to Louisville.

Our quest took us on a beautiful walk through downtown Louisville. With options like the Bourbon Quest or the Mad Dash, there’s plenty of ways to see this great Southern city on a quest. This quest also took us to Fort Nelson Park, the exact spot the city was founded in 1780.

You can check the quest schedule or register for your own at their website.

Just make sure you bring a team.