Savannah, Georgia is called the “Hostess City of the South” for its hospitality AND -- Thanksgiving is that one holiday where we want to spend time with the ones we love.

When I have company coming the last thing I want to be doing is be cooking in the kitchen while everyone is laughing and having a great time. So I make almost my entire Thanksgiving feast ahead of time. Let me share with you the secrets of a stress free Thanksgiving.

Turkey Breast Side Down
Turkey Breast Side Down


*If you want the look of the Norman Rockwell Turkey then ignore this part of the make ahead Thanksgiving feast.

I love to make my turkey ahead of time, because there are no turkey surprises on the big day (I have had a burnt on the outside turkey, but raw on the inside one year. It was traumatic)

Another reason to love making the turkey a head of time is because the carving is all done. No one needs to miss the football game or any other tv tradition you have. Win!

And, my all time favorite reason is because the turkey is moist and flavorful. No Griswold dry turkey here.

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Butter Crunchy Dressing
Butter Crunchy Dressing


How can it be thanksgiving without the dressing!

If you are wanting easy sure you can go the boxed route. But my stuffing is so much better than the boxed version and you can boast that it is home made. Plus it is super duper easy!

My perfect dressing is buttery, perfectly seasoned, moist and has a nicely toasted top. It is really something you must try!


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Tangy Cranberry Sauce
Tangy Cranberry Sauce


Tangy and sweet cranberry sauce is another necessity to go with your turkey.

To make it is easier than opening the canned kind and tastes way better.


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Buttery Mashed Potatoes
Buttery Mashed Potatoes


I love, love, love potatoes. But, making mashed potatoes from scratch on turkey day is not what I want to be doing.

My recipe for mashed potatoes are so good! They are buttery, creamy and perfect!


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Southern Green Bean Casserole
Southern Green Bean Casserole


I have a secret crush on my green bean casserole. It never lets me down! It is the best I have ever had and it is super yummy!

Lots of green bean casseroles are just “ok” and in my opinion bland.

My green bean casserole is far from bland with the wonderful crisp top that everyone loves.


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The Best Pumpkin Pie
The Best Pumpkin Pie


Pecan, pumpkin, Apple oh my!

With the perfect flaky crust and that filling that just says fall. And don’t forget the whip cream or my favorite vanilla ice cream!

Make your pies a head of time will free up the oven that you will be using on the big feast day.


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The Monstrous Pecapplekin Pie
The Monstrous Pecapplekin Pie

Pecapplekin Pie?!?!

Okay, so this one was my husband’s idea. He saw this recipe a few year’s ago and thought it would be funny to try.

The joke was on ALL of us when it actually turned out quite tasty — and if you are up for an adventure this Thanksgiving, give this pie (I guess thats what you’d call this monstrosity of a desert) a try!

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by Jen Byers
Home-cook for the Savannah Kitchen