Meet Chef Joe from Goodtimes Jazz Bar

Meet Chef Joe from Goodtimes Jazz Bar

Meet Chef Joe from Goodtimes Jazz Bar

♪..ain’t we lucky we got ‘em….Good Times….♪

When Stephen T. Moore needed to come up with a name for his jazz club in downtown Savannah he went back to the sitcom re-runs he’d watched as a kid with his grandmother.

“It’s self-explanatory,” says Moore smiling about his choice.

But Moore has taken a different path to creating good times at 107 West Broughton Street.  He’s brought together cool jazz and hot southern cookin’ to claim a spot at the center of Savannah’s night life.

Legendary Southern Chef Joe Randall says it’s a two-fer. “I was interested in coming and establishing a place that people could go and enjoy a good meal” says Randall who came out of retirement to be a part of the project.

The other piece of the Good Times experience comes from the bell of Teddy Adams trombone.   Adams, a Savannah Jazz Hall of Famer, coordinates entertainment for the venue which he proudly boasts is “the best in the region.”

Chef Joe’s menu carries intriguing, authentic names that conjure up the best food memories in this tradition-rich part of the country.  How could you possible pass up Southern Fried Yard Bird, Savannah Red Rice, Collard Greens, and Butter Beans with Okra?  In the bar you can enjoy wings, burgers and Georgia Peach Cobbler.

Jazzman Adams entertainment schedule is tougher to pin down, offering a different jazz act each night of the club’s Tuesday – Sunday schedule.  But you can go to the website and click on the calendar to see who’s performing each night.

Whenever you come, though, Moore promises the same happy ending:  “a big smile on your face.”