Coffee, Cake and Comics all in the palm of your Infinity Gauntlet — at Odin & Sons!

Odin & Sons just recently opened their doors to the public, and the experience is beyond all expectations! They've got it all... Coffee, Cake and Comics but that's not all! Check out the video!

Odin & Sons” has opened it’s doors and they’ve really out done themselves!

When I was a kid I used to spend hours inside our local comic book store, constantly searching for that next issue of Heavy Metal or catch up on Cerebus. There weren’t a lot of companies producing high end desk art or playful chibi versions of your favorite Star Wars character. It was all about the story and very much like binge watching episodes of “Stranger Things.”

A lot has changed since then, and I’ve got to admit it – I kindve like it!

Logan McDonald has just recently opened the doors to “Odin & Sons” comics and collectibles which is a lot more than your average comic book store, it’s an experience!

To get to “Odin & Sons” one must first pass through a quaint little café called “Mad Mac’s” Bakery and Cafe. They serve coffee, cookies, and macaroons (macrons) – as well as liquor infused cupcakes! Yeah, that made me stop in my tracks too. Liquor filled cupcakes with flavors like Margarita, Strawberry Daiquiri and Bourbon Pecan to name a few!

Just beyond the café, you can see the entrance to “Odin & Sons” which has so much wall candy, it’s enough to bring out the nostalgic kid in any geek!

They have the right amount of comics to collectibles and just enough to be a whole new experience each time you visit – which is something that I really like.

If you are looking for coffee, cake and comics – all in one place, I highly recommend stopping by “Odin & Sons” and “Mac Mac’s” and experience a whole new universe right in the backyard of our amazing city – Savannah.

Visit “Odin & Sons” online by clicking HERE <<<
6 East State Street, Savannah Ga.
Call (912) 298-0008