The oldest Bell in the state of Georgia survived many catastrophes!

The Old City Exchange Bell has suffered through many storms and catastrophes -- and it's truly a wonder that it still standing today! Check out this story, it might ring a bell for some of you.

If you’ve ever taken a stroll down Bay Street in Savannah, Georgia, you are sure to have passed by the Old City Exchange Bell.

It sits quietly just feet from City Hall. Beside it is a plaque letting the passerbys know that it is an important piece of Savannah’s very rich history.

If you could just reach passed it’s fence and give it a good tap, I am sure that it would speak to you and tell you all of the impressive jobs it had. The many places that it had lived, where it was born and even how it traveled internationally to find it’s home here in Savannah.

It may not be a mystery to some, but to many, the story behind the Old City Exchange Bell will bring you so much closer to understanding how Savannah weathered the storms and continued to grow and prosper — and more importantly, how this Exchange Bell saved lives and how Savannah, in turn, chose to save it’s life as well.

Because of this, the Old City Exchange Bell is the oldest Bell in the state of Georgia and hold’s a place in Savannah’s colorful history.

***Images Courtesy of the Georgia Historical Society***
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