What was the tunnel under the “Pirates House” used for and who used it?

The "Pirates House" in Savannah Georgia is known for many things. Great food, Ghosts and Kidnappings! We talked to a Pirate to find out the story behind their infamous underground tunnel.

The Pirates House in Savannah Georgia has a lot of hidden treasures. Not wanting to be a “scuttlebutt”, their food is absolutely incredible! The history behind the Pirates House will also blow you away. It’s based upon a lot of pirate lore and tales from the sea. So much so, that Robert Louis Stephenson was inspired to write the book, “Treasure Island” which actually mentions Savannah Georgia as the place where Captain Flint’s map is hidden. Possibly under the bricks and boards that make up this ancient structure. Yes, ancient! It is the oldest standing homestead in all of the state of Georgia, being built in 1734 and the Inn and Tavern being built in 1753.

What we wanted to know was were there really pirates at the Pirates House or were these tales of sea shantys and sailors just a bunch of hornswaggling myths to keep us all entertained. So, what does one do when they want to know about the pirates and the stories of kidnapped sailors? Why, we went straight to the source and asked a pirate that works at the Pirates House to find out any truth behind the tales that have made their rounds over the decades.

What we do know, for sure, is that the possibility of pirates, tunnels and treasure isn’t off the table … Blimey! Nothing is off the table if you’re actually eating at the Pirates House!