Good Morning, River Street! — Early morning drone footage of the Savannah River

Just some peaceful drone footage of the Savannah River along side River Street. There is nothing like waking up on this beautiful river.

River Street in the Morning

There is nothing like being awake at the same time the city of Savannah is just starting to stir. The vibe is different in the morningĀ  and it’s most definitely something to be witnessed. It’s cooler, the sun is slowly rising, along with the people and city critters. It’s quiet… with the exception of the wind a few cars slowly heading to work.

River Street has a specific uniqueness in the morning. The water gentle pushes down stream. The occasional dolphin might be seen as well as a tugboat or two making their rounds before starting their day in the hot Savannah heat. Workers are opening their shops and sweeping their walks as the sun slowly touches their entrance ways and signage.

It’s the best time to just sit and people watch while sipping on coffee or tea.

Stay cool this summer, and appreciate the mornings. They are most certainly some of the best moments that breathe life into the beautiful city of Savannah.