Savannah Listed As One Of The Top 10 Safest Cities For Women To Visit During Spring Break!!

Spring break is predominately known as the time of the year when students pack their bags and head out of their home and college towns and travel to somewhere different for a week of vacation. Some travel with family, significant others, friends, or even alone. Either way, the most important aspect of a trip to all parties, especially women, is safety.

According to the Wanderu website, Savannah Georgia is listed as the 3rd safest place for women to travel to for spring break. You may be wondering “well, what about men?” but if you think about it, if a place is safe for women then it is most likely also safe for men seeing as how women are more likely to be attacked or stalked on any given day in any given area.

With the use of a study by ValuePenguin, Wanderu was able to rank the top 10 safest cities for women to travel during Spring Break. The site’s ranking was composed of statistics from places like the FBI, CDC, and the violence policy center. They calculated things like how many women were murdered by state, sex crimes towards women by city, and the likelihood that a woman would be stalked by state. Savannah making number 3 is good news for the city’s tourist population because, being that it’s a city where tourist often come, it lets the tourist know that they are in good hands when they visit the 912.

So, if you’re planning on traveling this year or the next for spring break, or know anyone that would like to, definitely keep Savannah in mind as a destination. Not only is Savannah one of the safest cities to visit for spring break but it is also a city filled with many fun places, like the beach, that all genders and ages can enjoy. So, be safe and enjoy your spring breaks!!!!

– Darrow Fraser