Secrets to Grilling the Best Burger

Ever wanted to know the secrets to grilling the most delicious, tastiest burger ever?!

I remember a day when I was about twelve, my dad stood me in front of a large, black, lava hot grill and taught me the ways of the Fahyr! Since then, I have learned many tips and tricks that I consider to be fail-safe when grilling that perfect burger.

A lot of people recommend using ground beef with a high fat content (but I’ve learned that this is a matter of preference). With that in mind, I prefer ground chuck with a fat content of around 18%. This keeps the burger from drying out or being too tough.

When making the patties, I like to make them just a little wider than the bun, allowing it to shrink to the perfect size. There’s nothing worse than too much bun! A lot of people like mixing in onion soup mix, worcestershire sauce, and other flavorings – however, if you ask me, this drowns out the true flavor of the burger. Sprinkling both sides with a little salt and pepper is all you need to do to bring out the best flavor of the burger.

Once you’ve made the patties, press a slight indention in the center. This keeps the burger from bulging in the middle where all the juices collect and gives you a flat perfect burger.

Start up your grill and get the temperature to 400 degrees Fahrenheit. I use a ceramic cooker with solid wood coals for a smokier more natural flavor. Briquettes work just as good if you are using a starter grill but I would avoid using lighter fluid or even a gas grill if at all possible. It could end up cooking a chemical taste into the meat, which distracts from the natural flavor of the burger.

Place the patties onto the grill and cook them for 4 to 5 minutes on each side. If using a spatula, don’t fall into the temptation to flatten and squash them. This pushes all the juice and moisture out of the burger making it dry and tough to chew. I recommend using large tongs to flip the burgers with. Easier and less temptation.

Once you’ve cooked them on both sides, cover them with aluminum foil and give then another 10 minutes to finish cooking on the inside. The juices will redistribute throughout the burger and give you a moist full-flavored bite every time! You can add cheese if you’d like while they are sitting under the foil if you like your cheese melted.

And that’s the failsafe secret to grilling a burger like a pro!
Try it out and share with your favorite grill master!