Come Join Judd from Savannah Square Pops at the Southern Womens Show!

So, if you haven't heard of Savannah Square Pops, then you are in for a treat! A delicious sweet pop-sickle treat, that is! Come see what surprises they have up their sleeve at the Southern Womens Show!

I had the pleasure of spending some time with Judd Wiggins from the Savannah Square Pops! Now, before you jump ahead of yourself, let me tell you this. While shooting this interview with Judd, I had yet to try a Square Pop. I wish my reaction could have been captured on camera. I tried the Savannah Bee – Milk & Honey Pop-sickle and I quote myself when I say that “this is the most delicious thing I have ever put in my mouth!” It was pure, creamy and authentically sweet! The local honey blend of sweet and cream just blew me away!

They have SO many other flavors and what I’d really like to order would be a Pop-sickle Flight — Judd, you’ve got to make this idea happen! I just want to try them ALL!

What Judd and his team have done at the Savannah Square Pops is position themselves as the only local pop-sickle place in Savannah and have formed some great alliances with other local business such as the Savannah Bee Company, Fox & Fig, Henney Penny, Foxy Loxy, Woofgang and about 15 others who want to keep everything within the Savannah family.

They will be at the Southern Women’s Show next week featuring a new product called “Cheppers!” — be sure to swing by and give it a try!!!

Savannah Square Pops

First visit, second visit, third visit, move. Looking for a change and falling in love with Savannah were the perfect turn-of-events to plant the seeds that brought these “Pop Gurus” to Savannah. When we moved to Savannah to start building our dream, we never imagined that Savannah Square Pops would make such a big splash. We did our research, tried every popsicle in the Southeast, and toiled endlessly to perfect our own recipes. Heck, there was even a stint in Popsicle University. Our love of Savannah and goal of bringing popsicles to this beautiful destination has been well worth the endless hours of work.

Savannah’s historic squares were an immediate inspiration for branding the shop. Each of our pops are named after the one of the 22 historic Savannah squares. Some fan favorites are Calhoun Square (Blackberry Lemonade), Franklin Square (Strawberry Balsamic) and Pulaski Square (Salted Caramel, dipped in dark chocolate and rolled in pretzel pieces). Our philosophy on ingredients is to use the best and the least. Our Key Lime Pie Pop has the most ingredients, with fresh squeezed lime juice, fresh heavy cream, buttermilk, milk, graham crackers, raw cane sugar, and Sea Salt. Extra care is given to several of their pops to make them as beautiful as they are delicious. The Telfair Square Pop, for example, features a whole Oreo embedded in the side, and the Wright Square pop showcases a perfect slice of kiwi. This isn’t easy to do, but it’s part of that extra mile we go to make our product special.

One afternoon Duff Goldman came in for a pop. Like any other customer, I spent a little time telling our story and our mission to bring the best pops to the game. He settled on the Pulaski Square, and was apparently very pleased with his choice. A couple of weeks later, we received a call from USA Today writer telling me Duff wanted to feature our shop as one of his favorite sweet treats in the nation. We have had several guests tell us that they heard about us on the Food Network. Rumor has it that Duff has mentioned our shop several times – we hope he will come back soon for another.

You can find Savannah Square Pops at our shop on MLK as well as nearly 20 other vendors across the Low Country. You can also catch our pop truck at various events around Savannah. Visit a convenient location soon and try one of our beautiful, decadent popsicles for yourself and support your local makers. There’s Savannah pride in every bite.

Visit them online by clicking HERE <<<