What do Squirrels and Pizza have in common?!

In a nutshell, Squirrel's Pizza is the newest kid (squirrel) on the block offering some of the most delicious pizza in Savannah! Their pizza is so good in fact that -- squirrel!

Okay, so picking your favorite pizza place is as hard as choosing your favorite child — you just can’t do it because they are all so different.

In a nutshell, Squirrels Pizza (opening June 21st) just made it’s nest in the heart of the Starland District in downtown Savannah … and I believe they are going to blow everyone away!

Squirrel’s is a semi-swanky eatery, dishing up reinvented Italian fare. Unique to Squirrel’s is the use of pecan wood to live-fire the custom built Pavesi oven. It is sure to be one of the South’s most distinctive pizza experiences.

Chef-owner, Chris Dickerson, of Corner Taco fame, draws on his copious culinary experience and passion to create distinct and deliciously inspired Italian street food. Guided by the spirit of Italian pizza craft techniques, including both Neapolitan and Roman styles, Chef Dickerson’s focus is rooted in the creation of a truly crave-worthy, ingredient-rich pizza.

Characterized by a crisp, yet airy crust, Dickerson has developed unique pizzas built with fresh ingredients made in-house or sourced through boutique suppliers he discovered in the United States. Guests will also enjoy a scrumptious selection of salads, sandwiches, and flavorful bites to divide and conquer together.

The beautifully appointed bar houses a selection of craft beer, a thoughtfully curated wine list, sublime martini options and classic cocktails. Straying from what visitors typically expect a traditional pizza place to feel like, Chef Dickerson has partnered with Savannah-based designer Elizabeth Demos to create an environment that is as equally alluring as it is approachable, featuring a storied interior with old world European influences.

And — “IF” I had to pick a favorite child, I believe it may just be “Squirrel’s!” Shhh… don’t tell anybody!

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