The best burger in Georgia has a pretty distinct name

This burger joint in Atlanta is beyond well regarded.

If you’re in Atlanta you have to go to Ms. Ann’s Snack Bar for the Ghetto Burger.

“It’s the best burger in the state of Georgia.”

The Ghetto Burger is no joke. Two giant patties with cheese, onions, ketchup, mustard, lettuce, tomato, bacon, and a giant dollop of chili. When you come to Ann’s, come hungry.

Go big or go home #ghettoburger

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Cause this burger is so heavy, you could do arm workouts with it.

Ann Price became an Atlanta legend when she created the Ghetto Burger to compete with fast food chains in the area.

The burger started as an old family recipe. The Prices grew up eating giant burgers. When Ann came to Atlanta, someone told her she had to do something to stand out. So, the Ghetto Burger was born.

Ann’s place quickly became a go-to destination for burger fanatics, but anyone coming to taste the Ghetto Burger had to follow Ms. Ann’s rules.

No cursing, no drinking, no leaning on the counter—or you get kicked out for good.

And trust us, you do not want to get kicked out.

People have been lining up for the burger for nearly 50 years, and they’ve got no plans to mess with it.

Cause if it ain’t broke, you don’t fix it.