THIS is Better than SEX!

You're probably asking yourself, 'what is better than sex?' Look no further, Savannah! We went downtown to find out exactly what is 'Better than Sex!'

THIS is better than sex! You’re probably wondering now, what exactly IS “Better than Sex?”

Before you get nervous, wondering if this is one of those NSFW posts, let me get straight to the point.

Better than Sex is a dessert restaurant that just opened its doors to the public at 410 W. Broughton Street in downtown Savannah!

Better than Sex is a romantic dessert-themed restaurant designed to light a spark between couples through its playful innuendos that describe tantalizing desserts and cocktails.

The new location is co-owned by Jacquelyn and Chris Sankowlski and managed by partner Lindsey Haemmerle.

With a focus on sophisticated date nights, “Better than Sex” chose Savannah, Georgia for its charming residents and its romantic scenery. What better way to spend an evening than out for a walk through this fantastical city.

Enjoy deserts like the Tongue Bath Truffle with its decadent dense and rich Belgian chocolate truffle “wedgies” and raspberry sorbet. Dive in to the scrumptious Between My Red Velvet Sheets, a smooth concoction of red velvet cheesecake and cream cheese frosting. Wanting to just go for drinks instead? Try the Slip Inside, made with Irish cream “licker,” “coffee licker,” and vodka in a chocolate swirled glass. Polish off a Man Candy — strawberry ale in a dark chocolate beer glass with white chocolate drizzle.

Better Than Sex’s first location opened in Key West in May 2008. It is an award-winning establishment that was featured on CBS Sunday Morning News on Valentine’s Day 2016.

Dani and Len Johnson, Chef Owners of Better Than Sex, Inc., said, “We have been longtime lovers of Savannah. We are so excited to bring this passionate dining experience to your community and continue the love story alongside Jacquelyn, Chris, and Lindsey.”


DON’T WAIT — head down for a fun and sexy time with some of the best desserts and drinks you have EVER experienced! Check them out at