This museum has ghost hunting tours

Molly got a hands-on lesson in hunting spirits of the dead.

While in Asheville, North Carolina, Molly got a hands-on lesson in hunting ghosts. Located in an old Masonic Temple, the Haunted Asheville tour takes those brave enough on a trek through the dark and creepy corners of the old structure.

Tadd Mcgivitt is haunted Asheville’s occult researcher, or in other words, a real-life ghostbuster. He investigates supernatural stories from the basement of a one-hundred-year-old Masonic Temple. In his laboratory, he has an abundance of tools and devices to help him in his quest to find ghosts. You know, like electromagnetic field detectors and laser grids.

Posted by Ghost Hunters of Asheville, Historic Montford and Black Mountain on Thursday, September 21, 2017

The Haunted Asheville tour continues upstairs of the Masonic Temple. There’s a theater upstairs with hand-drawn backdrops that are incredibly realistic. The attention to detail is a bit eerie, and darkness makes you get the eerie feeling that something (or someone) is about to scare you.

Tadd takes Molly with him to the top balcony of the theater, and very soon after, Molly’s electromagnetic field detector shows activity. After a night filled with ghost hunting, the duo ended up finding no ghosts, but there were plenty of spooky moments.