This restaurant’s slogan is ‘Bacon and Bourbon’

Auburn isn't just the home of Alabama's other dominant college football team, it's also home to a restaurant packed with a championship menu.

Nestled in a college town in east Alabama, you’ll find The Hound. A Southern restaurant that isn’t traditionally Southern

Bacon and bourbon is their slogan. And simple comfort food is what they do.

So yes, it may not necessarily be Southern. But it’s approachable, made from scratch and locally sourced whenever possible.

While Auburn may be known for its championship-winning college football team, you won’t find the memorabilia on the walls.

That doesn’t mean Auburn isn’t running through the restaurant’s bones.

The tables are made from Southern or Eastern, local cedar. And the menu is filled with seasonal items they find basically in the backyard.

Like house made pork rinds that come to the table still crackling, dry-cured bacon, and bread pudding.

When you pay a visit to The Hound, you’ll find good food, good beer and good whiskey.