This stretch of Atlanta road has some of the best food the South has to offer

Welcome to Atlanta’s Buford Highway. A 15-mile stretch of road which is home to a large part of the city’s international community and the epicenter of some of the best food Atlanta has to offer.

Natalie Keng is known as the Chinese Southern Belle. She’s a food fanatic and an expert on Buford Highway. We followed her on a trip through some of her favorite stops.

First up – Plaza Fiesta.

Every inch of plaza fiesta is covered in beautiful decorations and filled with memories of home for Atlanta’s Latin community, and some of the best mall food you’ll ever taste.

Then there’s Canton House, which specializes in Dim Sum, a kind of food service that offers small, shareable portions of a variety of dishes.

And the last stop was White Windmill Bakery, where you can find a pretty big variety of Korean pastries.

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Buford Highway came to be this mix of all these different cultures after a lot of immigrants moved into the area. They found cheap rent, affordable housing, and access to the interstate.

However, it wasn’t really all that popular until a movement began based on the food. Then folks started discovering what a gem it really was.

The real beauty of Buford Highway is experiencing food traditions from multiple continents all on the same street.

You don’t have these segregated neighborhoods like some of the other cities you have, like Chinatown or Little Italy. That’s what makes it unique is that we have so many different cultures and businesses coexisting all in the same place.

It’s really what America’s about. In essence, it’s what Americans are and the evolution and experience of Buford Highway is really all American.

And as long as you bring an empty stomach and an open mind, you too will find something to love.