Two Chefs known to Savannah are James Beard foundation’s Southeastern Best Chef Semifinalist!

On February 27th Chef Bryan Furman, the owner of B’s Cracklin BBQ located on white Bluff Rd, and Mashama Bailey, a chef at The Grey located on Martin Luther king Jr Blvd, were announced as 2 out of the 20 chefs in the James Beard Foundation’s Southeastern Best Chef semifinals.

Mashama Bailey, who was recently featured in the trailer for the new Chef’s Table season, is the executive chef and partner of Savannah’s restaurant The Grey. The Grey, which is located in a renovated Greyhound Bus Station, was opened in 2014 and has since earned national acclaim from places like Time Magaizine, Eater, and Southern Living. Originally born and raised in New York, Ms. Bailey also had roots in the south due to her mother’s family being from Waynesboro, GA. She often spent summers visiting her grandmother there which, along with the meals that her grandmother cooked, ignited her passion for cooking and southern food.



Bryan Furman, who is the owner of two highly sought after Barbecue restaurants located in Savannah and Atlanta, brings a new style of cooking to BBQ with his hands on approach that leaves customers begging for more. Originally starting out in Savannah in 2014, Furman’s BBQ dishes were enjoyed so much that he earned his way on to Southern Living’s “South’s Top 50 Barbecue Joints” list. Soon after that, due to a soda machine accident, the restaurant burned down and with the help of the community Bryan and his wife were able to open a new restaurant 5 months later! Now Furman is located at their Atlanta location where he continues to cook delicious BBQ meals and aspires to one day go national with his delicious food in as many as ten cities.




In honor of these two great Savannah cooks take your family and enjoy some fine dining at one or both of these restaurants ASAP!!

– Darrow Fraser